5/18: Dane Cook- Why have you disappointed me?

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So last night was the premire of Dane Cook’s much anticipated new special on Comedy Central, ISolated INcident. I, as I’m sure others as well, was really looking forward to this special for a VERY long time. So I make myself some Ramen, since I haven’t eaten all day yet, park myself in front of my computer, I sure wasn’t going to miss out and NOT tweet about this, and the TV, and get ready for the commerical free Dane experience.

I will not spoil the jokes for the ones who have not seen it yet, but let me tell you how funny each bit was and then you can tell me how accuratly you laughed at them.

1st bit: meh
2nd bit: depressing
3rd bit (and I spoil a bit): Suicide is actually funny
Rest of the show until the obligtory sex part: You’d get a few giggles and that’s it.
Sex part and the rest of the show: Funny

If you saw the show and don’t agree with me, to each his own my dear reader, to each his own. If not go watch it and judge for yourself.

The highlight of all this Dane mayhem is the picture that he posted on Twitpic of him self in Entertainment Weekly. Warning: Some ladies and some gay guys will get more out of this pic than the rest of you.


So all in all the show was a meh from me and a bit disappointing.

In other Fangirl news, I promise I will get my review of Star Trek up here some time this week. I know it’s been out for going on two weeks and I should get it up soon before it’s too late. Plus I’ve seen it twice, so you know I have some postive things about it. Also this marks the end of my hiatus on here. I think I have all of my personal drama sorted out for now, but who knows. Life is full of surprises right?

Oh and those who are interested in my other blog there is a late night rambling that was a result of insommnia up on there if you care to read.

Until next time,


5/6: Spunk Ransom!!!

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So like either a week ago or so I applied for a moderator postition for the website Spunk Ransom’s new LiveJournal community. Yesterday I got the e-mail that I have been accepted to be a mod!!! I’m soooo excited about this.

If you want to join the community click here. And if you want to add me on LiveJournal there is a link on the main page of this blog that can lead you there.

Please if you love anything Robert Pattinson and on LiveJournal or thinking about joining LiveJournal join this community, get your voice heard early, for it just went live yesterday.

On another note, Fangirl is going on hiatus for a bit. After my review over Star Trek, I won’t be posting on here as much. I’ll be posting more on Thinks and my LiveJournal for a bit until the jucy fangirl stuff starts rolling. Plus I’m in the middle of a personal crisis that needs to be delt with.

So farewell for now


The REVIEW: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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I am at a lost for words this movie. And I mean it in the bad sense. I am a X-Men fan til the end and an even bigger Wolverine fan. This film made no sense to me except that they took random parts from two of the comics in the series: Origins (of course), which there was hardly anything from that one in there, and I forget the title of the other one but they have all the X experiments in it and made a movie. I really haven’t read that one yet, but I have glanced at it (as in read half of it).

If you haven’t read the comics and were fans of the other three X-Men movies then you will enjoy it, but if you are fans of the comic then please ignore it.

Another review of the movie that goes more in depth than mine can be viewed here:

These guys are awesome and I highly suggest subbing to them on YouTube and follow them on Twitter.


Next review will be over Star Trek…be prepared to hear me bitch.

4/24: Some amazing news on a very happy day!!! ^^

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Hello loverlies!!

So today I wake up feeling pretty awesome. First a show that I haven’t seen in forever (Daria) came on MTV this morning. Then after that I watch the end of Merlin starring the ever so awesome Sam Neil. While in the middle of watching these shows I recieve a package from the FedEx person. I open the door, find the package, and then see that it’s from my ever so awesomely lovely Twitter friend TwilightilDawn (Dri).

I open the said package and much to my delight there is a piece of paper with rubber bands hiding something behind it. The first piece of paper that I see said:

“Thinking of you!! Oliver, Johnny, Mike and Joe send you a big hello!!”

So this excites me thoroughly!!! I remove that top sheet and this is what I find!!!


And on the back is the autographs of Oliver Irving the director of How To Be, Johnny White, Mike Pierce (Johnny and Mike were in the movie), and Joe Hastings (he did the music).


So I was sooooo totally psyched about having their autographs that I basically went crazy on Twitter! I told Dri how much I loved her, etc. If you want a full account of what went down at the Chicago screening of How To Be click here for Dri’s full post with pictures! (There are some where you see Johnny signing the card!!)

In other fandom news, Eclipse now has a director for the film. It’s ’30 Days of Night’ David Slade. People are kinda scared that he doesn’t have the same vision for the ‘loveable’ vampires as Stephenie Meyer, but he did do awesomely well with ’30 Days’ ,so I’m really curious to see what he does.

I know there’s something else to fangirl over but I honestly can’t think of what at the moment. Well until I remember!


The REVIEW: 17 Again

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So I’m trying something different with my movie reviews. Leave comments on here or on my YouTube channel.

The video in which I act crazy for those who aren’t on YouTube viewing it!

Random Fangirl Moment #6

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Happy Earth Day everyone! Hope you are doing your part in making our planet a better place whether or not you are doing your part on it’s designated day.

So I was looking at my friend pages on LiveJournal after I posted the first part of this story that I am currently working on, (click here to read more), and I come across this on the PattinsonLife community:


This, my lovely friends, is the wolf pack for New Moon. I don’t know the order of the guys or who’s who, but aren’t they fun to look at? Still miss the old wolf pack, but these guys are getting up there.


4/21: New Moon, New Rob, New Harry and New Stuff to Fangirl Over! Oh My!

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So after some internal debating and the help of my two loverly friends on Twitter BrkGirlSoldier and Flangel66 (click here to read his blog) convincing me to fangirl today, I have decided (obviously) to post today. And lucky you this post in true Vlogbrothers fashion comes in multiple parts!

Part One:

So a LOT has been happening this week in a lot of fandoms and it’s only TUESDAY!! Part one is dedicated to New Moon today. By the way when ever Entertainment Tonight shows on your TV be on the look out for the snippets of the behind the scenes stuff like what FoveverTwilight.com has up on their blog today. You can view them here right now. There are snippets of Taylor and Rob and I couldn’t view the second clip because it didn’t load. Also in New Moon news, they have found the tank that they’re going to be doing the infamous cliff dive shots in. Now I don’t know if they have started shooting yet or not, but VancityAllie.com has pictures of the location and a lovely article to go with them which can be viewed here.

Part Two:

Kaleb Nation of Twilight Guy fame has his book Bran Hambric: The Fairfield Curse on pre-sale on Amazon. I really suggest you check out this book. It’s about this boy orphaned boy raised by bankers who later finds out that his mother did some kind of curse and was never able to finish it, so they all end up going after Bran to see if he can complete his mother’s curse.

You can download the first 50 pages of his book at branhambric.com.

Part Three:

GQ has released outtakes of Rob’s photoshoot with them.


The rest of the gorgeous Rob photos can be view here.

Part Three:

Now Harry Potter!! The Leaky Cauldron has posted some new info on The Deathly Hallows movies (view here). It’s quite interesting. Not as awesome as the trailer that came out last week, but interesting nonetheless.

Now the miscellaneous part four:

As summer movie season approaches and Tony season as well, you will see more and more different kinds of stuff that I fangirl over. I will openly admit, and you know I have no shame in admitting this kind of stuff, that I am a fan of many fandoms and the comic book and science fiction genre are the two that I hold dearly and closer to my heart more than anything. So I am giving you fair warning in advance of these posts. They wiil be more out there than my Twilight and Harry Potter posts. So will the Tony related posts. (I’m a really big theatre junkie.) But don’t fear! You will still be able to get all your random fangirlish insights on other things by me. Just giving you a fair warning.

Until next time my loverlies,


P.S: Now I really do have a post up on Thinks if you want to check it out. Sorry I didn’t post one yesterday. Click here for post.