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6/1: The Morning After

Posted in Harry Potter, Kristen Stewart, Movies, MTV Award Shows, New Moon, Robert Pattinson, Snape, Star Trek, Taylor Lautner, Wolf Pack on June 1, 2009 by Lydia

Last night was the MTV Movie Awards. There was A LOT of Rob during the show and a lot of Andy Samberg, but of course there was because he was the host (Andy was not Rob, but that would have been awesome if he did! One could only wish for another time though! *crosses fingers*). The show as a whole was good, except when the always controversial Sacha Baron Cohen was doing his bit to promote his new movie Bruno and fell from flying over the audience and landing on one pissed off Eminem. Was it stage or was it real? All I know is that he was SOOO pissed off that it was very comedical but if I were him I would be too. (Cohen landed with his face in Eminem’s lap and man parts in his face, for those who didn’t see) The awards were presented and like good Twilighters, though crazy at time, allowed every category that someone was nominated for win. So there was a lot of Rob up on that stage last night! And I’m not one to normally complain about that, but I was kinda disappointed in one category that shouldn’t have had someone from Twilight in, but it was the category that Rob by himself was nominated for (Best Breakout Performance by a Male). Yeah I know Rob won and his speech was wonderful! Actually all his speeches were awesome and hilarious. My biased mother said otherwise, but I ignored.

I congratulate all the other winners, non-Twilight, on their wins! And now here is the part where I fangirl over the snippet they called the New Moon trailer!

View here if you haven’t already:

We see that Rob looks even more gorgeous as Edward! They keep faithful (as far as we’ve seen) to the birthday scene as possible. They have changed house and the Cullens look even more amazing if that’s even possible. Esme sure does look tons better! The movie does have a more lighter tone film colorwise compared to Catherine Hardwicke’s approach which was dark and mysterious. But then again Jacob Black and Werewolves (*cough* Shapeshifters *cough*) equal more earthy tones and what not. Speaking of Jacob the wolf transformation and the kind of wolf he transforms into is AMAZING! Well I think it is, and this is coming from the girl who is Team Switzerland that leans HEAVY on Edward. I really can’t wait until Novemeber or Comic Con really. They’re bound to show some more awesome stuff then!

Question of the Day: Are Laurent’s eyes uber red or is that just me?

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P.S. I’m going to update this post more later with pic of Robert and the gang.

5/19: A ‘New Moon’ rises in the morn

Posted in Kristen Stewart, New Moon, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Wolf Pack on May 19, 2009 by Lydia

New Moon Poster #1

Take a good look Twilighters and Twi-Hards for this is the first OFFICIAL poster for the highly anticipated movie sequel to Twilight. It was released at 6am EST this morning and is supposed to be in all the newspapers. I have yet to get mine. Some of you may already know that this poster was leaked late last night because someone couldn’t wait. But all in all, just look at it!!!

This poster just furthers my unfortunate indescion to choose one of the sexy leading men as my fave, but we all know that in the end I end up fangirling over Robert, but look what Taylor did to himself. He went and made himself all sexy and what not. And thank goodness that he doesn’t have a wig in this one.

So what are your thoughts about the poster? And are you excited about the MTV Movie Awards in which we will see our three young stars be glorious together at yet ANOTHER MTV event? (Let’s hope we don’t have a Russel Brand repeat!)