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Random Fangirl Moment #8

Posted in Random Fangirl Moments, Twilight, Twitter on June 19, 2009 by Lydia

Okay so it’s official! Peter Facinelli has won the Twitter bet!! Even with all the difficulties and e-mails to Twitter we finally heard that Peter won. So that means Mr. D is going to do a little dance in a bikini on Hollywood Blvd for us. Do not fear if you miss out on it, it will be posted here. So congrats to Peter on his win. Now all we have to do is wait on who gets his chair backing.

In other news, Jen has put the final touches on the A Cullen at Heart design layout. It looks AMAZING in my opinion. Be sure to check it out and subscribe to the blog! It’s going to be so much fun!!!

So I’m out for the weekend.


EDIT ON 7/7:

Here’s the video for those who missed it!


Random Fangirl Moment #7: True Blood Edition

Posted in Random Fangirl Moments, True Blood on May 18, 2009 by Lydia

So I’m getting pretty psyched about the new season of True Blood premiring on June 14 at 9pm! My excitement is mainly due to these HOT new promo posters that I found on

truebloodseason2poster1 Bill and Sookie Eric Sam Jason Tara Sookie Bill Maryanne

And this spoiler clip from an episode! It happens to be one of my favorite parts in the book that and what happens after! ^^

Just thought I’d share that tid bit of info!


Random Fangirl Moment #6

Posted in Movies, New Moon, Random Fangirl Moments, Wolf Pack on April 22, 2009 by Lydia

Happy Earth Day everyone! Hope you are doing your part in making our planet a better place whether or not you are doing your part on it’s designated day.

So I was looking at my friend pages on LiveJournal after I posted the first part of this story that I am currently working on, (click here to read more), and I come across this on the PattinsonLife community:


This, my lovely friends, is the wolf pack for New Moon. I don’t know the order of the guys or who’s who, but aren’t they fun to look at? Still miss the old wolf pack, but these guys are getting up there.


Random Fangirl Moment #5

Posted in Jonas Brothers, Random Fangirl Moments, YouTube on April 20, 2009 by Lydia

Warning now: This is a Jonas Brother one. But if you want to see a very silly picture of me read the post and watch the vid.

The Jonas Brothers have this site for fans to post fun things Jonas related on and to interact with other Jonas fans. Basically it’s a social networking site for the Jonas obsessed. *points at self* If interested the site is: (If that link doesn’t work tell me!) So the Jonas Brothers issued a challenge before their movie opened to send in pictures of you and friends enjoying all things Jonas or at the movie opening day. Now my dear friend Chelsey sent in a collage of me, our friend Stacey, and herself of us enjoying opening night at home to the head of the Texas branch of the FFE. She complied a bunch of pictures and our collage happen to make it!

Our picture comes in at the 5:40 mark and the funny picture, which I can’t believe she used, is kinda in the middle on the right and it looks like I’m humping the cardbord cutout, but I’m NOT! I was goofing around and she snapped the picture. Oh well. We were uber excited when Chelsey and I found this out, and we know the JoBros actually watch these videos so that made it more exciting!

Enjoy the video.


P.S. There is going to be a post up later on Thinks On My Mind if anyone wanted to read that, so stay tuned for that.

Random Fangirl Moment #4

Posted in Harry Potter, Random Fangirl Moments, Snape, The Leaky Cauldron on April 17, 2009 by Lydia

Before you read anything further on this page PLEASE click this link if you have not seen the trailer yet!

And if you aren’t really into Harry Potter that much ignore this post entirely!

Did you see it?!


I so can’t wait to see this movie!!! This trailer is the best by far! It had the Ginny/Harry hand holding, my favorite line from the book, “FIGHT BACK YOU COWARD!”, and more of that wonderful scene with Snape!! My heart swooned so much when that was shown! More of Draco being involved with the Dark Lord and showing a fight scene between him and Harry! Oh how I can’t wait until the 15 of July!! But until then I will keep watching this trailer over and over again. Also this one too:

Until the next swoon worthy moment!

Random Fangirl Moment #4

Posted in Movies, New Moon, Random Fangirl Moments on March 30, 2009 by Lydia

2rz86syOkay so I wake up this morning to discover that Jamie whats-his-face from Sweeney Todd (you know Anthony in the Johnny Depp version?) is going to be my beloved Casius in New Moon. Yes I do have a fave of the Volturi besides Aro and his name is Casius. Now I’m beginning to become upset with whoever the casting director on this film is because though I kinda liked him as Anthony in Sweeney I can NOT come to terms with the fact that he is the malicous Casius. It’s just not him and I do NOT see him as him. At least this is not as upsetting as the Girl Who Must Not Be Named, but it’s getting up there. I will have a hissy fit though if the final decision to cast Ben Barnes as Aro goes through. I will and you will all know it too. These people are too young to be these loverly characters and I just have soooo many issues with the additional casting of the vamps it’s ridiculous! Now I do like the replacements of the Wolf Pack. It’s not gonna be the same without Soloman as Sam, but they do have good alternates.

So if you happen to be at the same midnight release as me and see me crying at any other part than the ones you know you have to cry at you will know why.


Random Fangirl Moment #3

Posted in Harry Potter, Movies, Random Fangirl Moments, Robert Pattinson, Snape on March 26, 2009 by Lydia

So The Leaky Cauldron has just posted links to the new character posters for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie, and guess who has their own poster this movie promo round?



Made me happy…plus he’s the only decent looking one out of all of them.

In random Rob news, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have assigned him two bodyguards named Brendon and Brandon. I have yet to find a pic of the loverly Mounties that are protecting Rob from crazy fangirls, but when I do you’d be sure that I’ll post it!