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6/1: The Morning After

Posted in Harry Potter, Kristen Stewart, Movies, MTV Award Shows, New Moon, Robert Pattinson, Snape, Star Trek, Taylor Lautner, Wolf Pack on June 1, 2009 by Lydia

Last night was the MTV Movie Awards. There was A LOT of Rob during the show and a lot of Andy Samberg, but of course there was because he was the host (Andy was not Rob, but that would have been awesome if he did! One could only wish for another time though! *crosses fingers*). The show as a whole was good, except when the always controversial Sacha Baron Cohen was doing his bit to promote his new movie Bruno and fell from flying over the audience and landing on one pissed off Eminem. Was it stage or was it real? All I know is that he was SOOO pissed off that it was very comedical but if I were him I would be too. (Cohen landed with his face in Eminem’s lap and man parts in his face, for those who didn’t see) The awards were presented and like good Twilighters, though crazy at time, allowed every category that someone was nominated for win. So there was a lot of Rob up on that stage last night! And I’m not one to normally complain about that, but I was kinda disappointed in one category that shouldn’t have had someone from Twilight in, but it was the category that Rob by himself was nominated for (Best Breakout Performance by a Male). Yeah I know Rob won and his speech was wonderful! Actually all his speeches were awesome and hilarious. My biased mother said otherwise, but I ignored.

I congratulate all the other winners, non-Twilight, on their wins! And now here is the part where I fangirl over the snippet they called the New Moon trailer!

View here if you haven’t already:

We see that Rob looks even more gorgeous as Edward! They keep faithful (as far as we’ve seen) to the birthday scene as possible. They have changed house and the Cullens look even more amazing if that’s even possible. Esme sure does look tons better! The movie does have a more lighter tone film colorwise compared to Catherine Hardwicke’s approach which was dark and mysterious. But then again Jacob Black and Werewolves (*cough* Shapeshifters *cough*) equal more earthy tones and what not. Speaking of Jacob the wolf transformation and the kind of wolf he transforms into is AMAZING! Well I think it is, and this is coming from the girl who is Team Switzerland that leans HEAVY on Edward. I really can’t wait until Novemeber or Comic Con really. They’re bound to show some more awesome stuff then!

Question of the Day: Are Laurent’s eyes uber red or is that just me?

Until next time,


P.S. I’m going to update this post more later with pic of Robert and the gang.


4/21: New Moon, New Rob, New Harry and New Stuff to Fangirl Over! Oh My!

Posted in Harry Potter, Kaleb Nation, Movies, New Moon, Robert Pattinson, Star Trek, The Leaky Cauldron, Tony Awards, Twitter on April 21, 2009 by Lydia

So after some internal debating and the help of my two loverly friends on Twitter BrkGirlSoldier and Flangel66 (click here to read his blog) convincing me to fangirl today, I have decided (obviously) to post today. And lucky you this post in true Vlogbrothers fashion comes in multiple parts!

Part One:

So a LOT has been happening this week in a lot of fandoms and it’s only TUESDAY!! Part one is dedicated to New Moon today. By the way when ever Entertainment Tonight shows on your TV be on the look out for the snippets of the behind the scenes stuff like what has up on their blog today. You can view them here right now. There are snippets of Taylor and Rob and I couldn’t view the second clip because it didn’t load. Also in New Moon news, they have found the tank that they’re going to be doing the infamous cliff dive shots in. Now I don’t know if they have started shooting yet or not, but has pictures of the location and a lovely article to go with them which can be viewed here.

Part Two:

Kaleb Nation of Twilight Guy fame has his book Bran Hambric: The Fairfield Curse on pre-sale on Amazon. I really suggest you check out this book. It’s about this boy orphaned boy raised by bankers who later finds out that his mother did some kind of curse and was never able to finish it, so they all end up going after Bran to see if he can complete his mother’s curse.

You can download the first 50 pages of his book at

Part Three:

GQ has released outtakes of Rob’s photoshoot with them.


The rest of the gorgeous Rob photos can be view here.

Part Three:

Now Harry Potter!! The Leaky Cauldron has posted some new info on The Deathly Hallows movies (view here). It’s quite interesting. Not as awesome as the trailer that came out last week, but interesting nonetheless.

Now the miscellaneous part four:

As summer movie season approaches and Tony season as well, you will see more and more different kinds of stuff that I fangirl over. I will openly admit, and you know I have no shame in admitting this kind of stuff, that I am a fan of many fandoms and the comic book and science fiction genre are the two that I hold dearly and closer to my heart more than anything. So I am giving you fair warning in advance of these posts. They wiil be more out there than my Twilight and Harry Potter posts. So will the Tony related posts. (I’m a really big theatre junkie.) But don’t fear! You will still be able to get all your random fangirlish insights on other things by me. Just giving you a fair warning.

Until next time my loverlies,


P.S: Now I really do have a post up on Thinks if you want to check it out. Sorry I didn’t post one yesterday. Click here for post.

Random Fangirl Moment #4

Posted in Harry Potter, Random Fangirl Moments, Snape, The Leaky Cauldron on April 17, 2009 by Lydia

Before you read anything further on this page PLEASE click this link if you have not seen the trailer yet!

And if you aren’t really into Harry Potter that much ignore this post entirely!

Did you see it?!


I so can’t wait to see this movie!!! This trailer is the best by far! It had the Ginny/Harry hand holding, my favorite line from the book, “FIGHT BACK YOU COWARD!”, and more of that wonderful scene with Snape!! My heart swooned so much when that was shown! More of Draco being involved with the Dark Lord and showing a fight scene between him and Harry! Oh how I can’t wait until the 15 of July!! But until then I will keep watching this trailer over and over again. Also this one too:

Until the next swoon worthy moment!

4/15: Hold on tight for the roller coaster ride that is this post

Posted in Harry Potter, Movies, New Moon, Twitter on April 15, 2009 by Lydia

Hello loverlies of the Interwebs!
I’m back on here in what feels like an eternity! If you read my other blog Thinks on My Mind you know that I have been having computer problems and lack of access to the internet. Fear not for my computer is back and well so I can do the fangirling and being me again.

I have pained news to bring you if you have not heard it already about the New Moon cast. It has been finalized and here are the people who are casted and my opinion on them.

The Volturi:
Charlie Bewley as Demetri: I have no idea who this is and I’m basically too lazy to find out, but he probably is going to suck.

Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius: No need to be in it. Love you Jamie, but you are no Caius.

Daniel Cudmore as Felix: This guy played Collsous in the X-Men movies.

Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus: He was in Catwoman, Chronicles of Riddick, and Blade: Trinity. He might be the only hopeful in the bunch that they have chosen.

Dakota Fanning plays Jane: We all know how I feel about her so no need to write a novel over this decision. (Still am really sore over this fact)

Cameron Bright is Alec: I honestly think that my friend of the same name could be the perfect Alec, but that’s just me.

Noot Seer plays Heidi: She was in Head Over Heals with Freddie Prince; Jr. She’s okay I guess. Better than the girl who plays the bitch in the new 90210.

Michael Sheen plays Aro: NO! Absolutely not! Yeah I heard he was great in Frost/Nixon, but I honestly do NOT want him as my Aro. He isn’t cunning enough to be him.

The Quillettes/Werewolves:

Graham Greene is Harry Clearwater: Apparently he’s an Oscar nominated actor. Haven’t seen any pics of him yet, but he must be good. Plus he dies off anyways. Sorry people who haven’t gotten that far, but if you are going to see this movie I suggest the book, because I have a very strong feeling that they are going to eff it up badly!

Tinsel Korey is Emily: Have no idea who she is.

Tyson Houseman is Quil Atera: OMG he’s perfect! I saw a picture of him on another blog, forgot the link though, sorry! But trust me if he has the comedic stamna to be Quil then he’s so it!

Kiowa Gordon is Embry Call: Yeah I don’t know that much about him either.

So those are the newbies on the cast. I’m pissed off kinda at the Volturi decisions, but they made up for it in the Werewolf department.

On to other news! Nathan Fillion of Castle and Dr. Horrible fame is now on Twitter!! Click HERE to follow him! Speaking of Twitter apparently Ashton Kutcher and CNN are having a battle to see who hits 1 million followers first. I follow Ashton already and refuse to support CNN in any way possible, so my support lies with Ashton.

In the Harry Potter world there is a new trailer out which I haven’t seen yet and people won’t link me. =( But to balance out the sadness of not being able to see it Warner Bros. moved the release date to July 15th!!! This just means I have to rearrange my summer travel plans a bit. But excitement all around!!! ^^

Until next post loverlies!!


Random Fangirl Moment #3

Posted in Harry Potter, Movies, Random Fangirl Moments, Robert Pattinson, Snape on March 26, 2009 by Lydia

So The Leaky Cauldron has just posted links to the new character posters for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie, and guess who has their own poster this movie promo round?



Made me happy…plus he’s the only decent looking one out of all of them.

In random Rob news, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have assigned him two bodyguards named Brendon and Brandon. I have yet to find a pic of the loverly Mounties that are protecting Rob from crazy fangirls, but when I do you’d be sure that I’ll post it!