5/19: A ‘New Moon’ rises in the morn

New Moon Poster #1

Take a good look Twilighters and Twi-Hards for this is the first OFFICIAL poster for the highly anticipated movie sequel to Twilight. It was released at 6am EST this morning and is supposed to be in all the newspapers. I have yet to get mine. Some of you may already know that this poster was leaked late last night because someone couldn’t wait. But all in all, just look at it!!!

This poster just furthers my unfortunate indescion to choose one of the sexy leading men as my fave, but we all know that in the end I end up fangirling over Robert, but look what Taylor did to himself. He went and made himself all sexy and what not. And thank goodness that he doesn’t have a wig in this one.

So what are your thoughts about the poster? And are you excited about the MTV Movie Awards in which we will see our three young stars be glorious together at yet ANOTHER MTV event? (Let’s hope we don’t have a Russel Brand repeat!)



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