5/18: Dane Cook- Why have you disappointed me?

So last night was the premire of Dane Cook’s much anticipated new special on Comedy Central, ISolated INcident. I, as I’m sure others as well, was really looking forward to this special for a VERY long time. So I make myself some Ramen, since I haven’t eaten all day yet, park myself in front of my computer, I sure wasn’t going to miss out and NOT tweet about this, and the TV, and get ready for the commerical free Dane experience.

I will not spoil the jokes for the ones who have not seen it yet, but let me tell you how funny each bit was and then you can tell me how accuratly you laughed at them.

1st bit: meh
2nd bit: depressing
3rd bit (and I spoil a bit): Suicide is actually funny
Rest of the show until the obligtory sex part: You’d get a few giggles and that’s it.
Sex part and the rest of the show: Funny

If you saw the show and don’t agree with me, to each his own my dear reader, to each his own. If not go watch it and judge for yourself.

The highlight of all this Dane mayhem is the picture that he posted on Twitpic of him self in Entertainment Weekly. Warning: Some ladies and some gay guys will get more out of this pic than the rest of you.


So all in all the show was a meh from me and a bit disappointing.

In other Fangirl news, I promise I will get my review of Star Trek up here some time this week. I know it’s been out for going on two weeks and I should get it up soon before it’s too late. Plus I’ve seen it twice, so you know I have some postive things about it. Also this marks the end of my hiatus on here. I think I have all of my personal drama sorted out for now, but who knows. Life is full of surprises right?

Oh and those who are interested in my other blog there is a late night rambling that was a result of insommnia up on there if you care to read.

Until next time,


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