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4/1: Yes Virginia, this is an actual post.

Posted in Magazine Scans, Robert Pattinson, Stephen Moyer, True Blood on April 1, 2009 by Lydia

So this week there’s going to be two posts, or I’m just gonna start doing two posts a week cause the random fangirl moments are beginning to out number actual posts. Anyways…I was just on Livejournal and I was looking at my posts and one of the communities I follow is called Pattinson Life. Really awesome community you should all check them out. So I see this wonderful post of pictures from one of Rob’s first modeling gig. Now some of you may have seen these already if you picked up or thumbed through Star magazine this week, but who wouldn’t want to see a very young Robert being sexy more than once?



Don’t you just love the title of the article?! hehehe

The second page is my personal fave..teehee..and by the by he’s wearing loafers with socks on the first page!

So yeah there’s the Rob update!

In other great news I am now an official staffer for the wonderful site Stephen Moyer Online! My friend Lisa recruited me last night when another staffer bailed on them. So I get to go places on behalf of the site and what not now and report!! I’m really excited about it!! First assignment: Go to Baton Rouge and try to get an interview with Stephen and Anna Paquin. Can’t wait to meet them. Hopefully they’ll let me do what I need to do and it’s not a closed set.

For those who don’t know Stephen Moyer let me fill you in. If you got whiff of the wonderful HBO series True Blood based on the wonderful Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlane Harris, you will know him as Bill Compton. They’re doing some scenes in Baton Rouge, Louisiana according to And for those wondering when season two of True Blood starts it’s going to premire on June 14!! So be on the look out for that!

Until next time!