4/24: Some amazing news on a very happy day!!! ^^

Hello loverlies!!

So today I wake up feeling pretty awesome. First a show that I haven’t seen in forever (Daria) came on MTV this morning. Then after that I watch the end of Merlin starring the ever so awesome Sam Neil. While in the middle of watching these shows I recieve a package from the FedEx person. I open the door, find the package, and then see that it’s from my ever so awesomely lovely Twitter friend TwilightilDawn (Dri).

I open the said package and much to my delight there is a piece of paper with rubber bands hiding something behind it. The first piece of paper that I see said:

“Thinking of you!! Oliver, Johnny, Mike and Joe send you a big hello!!”

So this excites me thoroughly!!! I remove that top sheet and this is what I find!!!


And on the back is the autographs of Oliver Irving the director of How To Be, Johnny White, Mike Pierce (Johnny and Mike were in the movie), and Joe Hastings (he did the music).


So I was sooooo totally psyched about having their autographs that I basically went crazy on Twitter! I told Dri how much I loved her, etc. If you want a full account of what went down at the Chicago screening of How To Be click here for Dri’s full post with pictures! (There are some where you see Johnny signing the card!!)

In other fandom news, Eclipse now has a director for the film. It’s ’30 Days of Night’ David Slade. People are kinda scared that he doesn’t have the same vision for the ‘loveable’ vampires as Stephenie Meyer, but he did do awesomely well with ’30 Days’ ,so I’m really curious to see what he does.

I know there’s something else to fangirl over but I honestly can’t think of what at the moment. Well until I remember!



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