Random Fangirl Moment #5

Warning now: This is a Jonas Brother one. But if you want to see a very silly picture of me read the post and watch the vid.

The Jonas Brothers have this site for fans to post fun things Jonas related on and to interact with other Jonas fans. Basically it’s a social networking site for the Jonas obsessed. *points at self* If interested the site is: http://fanfamilyexperience.com (If that link doesn’t work tell me!) So the Jonas Brothers issued a challenge before their movie opened to send in pictures of you and friends enjoying all things Jonas or at the movie opening day. Now my dear friend Chelsey sent in a collage of me, our friend Stacey, and herself of us enjoying opening night at home to the head of the Texas branch of the FFE. She complied a bunch of pictures and our collage happen to make it!

Our picture comes in at the 5:40 mark and the funny picture, which I can’t believe she used, is kinda in the middle on the right and it looks like I’m humping the cardbord cutout, but I’m NOT! I was goofing around and she snapped the picture. Oh well. We were uber excited when Chelsey and I found this out, and we know the JoBros actually watch these videos so that made it more exciting!

Enjoy the video.


P.S. There is going to be a post up later on Thinks On My Mind if anyone wanted to read that, so stay tuned for that.


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