4/15: Hold on tight for the roller coaster ride that is this post

Hello loverlies of the Interwebs!
I’m back on here in what feels like an eternity! If you read my other blog Thinks on My Mind you know that I have been having computer problems and lack of access to the internet. Fear not for my computer is back and well so I can do the fangirling and being me again.

I have pained news to bring you if you have not heard it already about the New Moon cast. It has been finalized and here are the people who are casted and my opinion on them.

The Volturi:
Charlie Bewley as Demetri: I have no idea who this is and I’m basically too lazy to find out, but he probably is going to suck.

Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius: No need to be in it. Love you Jamie, but you are no Caius.

Daniel Cudmore as Felix: This guy played Collsous in the X-Men movies.

Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus: He was in Catwoman, Chronicles of Riddick, and Blade: Trinity. He might be the only hopeful in the bunch that they have chosen.

Dakota Fanning plays Jane: We all know how I feel about her so no need to write a novel over this decision. (Still am really sore over this fact)

Cameron Bright is Alec: I honestly think that my friend of the same name could be the perfect Alec, but that’s just me.

Noot Seer plays Heidi: She was in Head Over Heals with Freddie Prince; Jr. She’s okay I guess. Better than the girl who plays the bitch in the new 90210.

Michael Sheen plays Aro: NO! Absolutely not! Yeah I heard he was great in Frost/Nixon, but I honestly do NOT want him as my Aro. He isn’t cunning enough to be him.

The Quillettes/Werewolves:

Graham Greene is Harry Clearwater: Apparently he’s an Oscar nominated actor. Haven’t seen any pics of him yet, but he must be good. Plus he dies off anyways. Sorry people who haven’t gotten that far, but if you are going to see this movie I suggest the book, because I have a very strong feeling that they are going to eff it up badly!

Tinsel Korey is Emily: Have no idea who she is.

Tyson Houseman is Quil Atera: OMG he’s perfect! I saw a picture of him on another blog, forgot the link though, sorry! But trust me if he has the comedic stamna to be Quil then he’s so it!

Kiowa Gordon is Embry Call: Yeah I don’t know that much about him either.

So those are the newbies on the cast. I’m pissed off kinda at the Volturi decisions, but they made up for it in the Werewolf department.

On to other news! Nathan Fillion of Castle and Dr. Horrible fame is now on Twitter!! Click HERE to follow him! Speaking of Twitter apparently Ashton Kutcher and CNN are having a battle to see who hits 1 million followers first. I follow Ashton already and refuse to support CNN in any way possible, so my support lies with Ashton.

In the Harry Potter world there is a new trailer out which I haven’t seen yet and people won’t link me. =( But to balance out the sadness of not being able to see it Warner Bros. moved the release date to July 15th!!! This just means I have to rearrange my summer travel plans a bit. But excitement all around!!! ^^

Until next post loverlies!!



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