Random Fangirl Moment #4

2rz86syOkay so I wake up this morning to discover that Jamie whats-his-face from Sweeney Todd (you know Anthony in the Johnny Depp version?) is going to be my beloved Casius in New Moon. Yes I do have a fave of the Volturi besides Aro and his name is Casius. Now I’m beginning to become upset with whoever the casting director on this film is because though I kinda liked him as Anthony in Sweeney I can NOT come to terms with the fact that he is the malicous Casius. It’s just not him and I do NOT see him as him. At least this is not as upsetting as the Girl Who Must Not Be Named, but it’s getting up there. I will have a hissy fit though if the final decision to cast Ben Barnes as Aro goes through. I will and you will all know it too. These people are too young to be these loverly characters and I just have soooo many issues with the additional casting of the vamps it’s ridiculous! Now I do like the replacements of the Wolf Pack. It’s not gonna be the same without Soloman as Sam, but they do have good alternates.

So if you happen to be at the same midnight release as me and see me crying at any other part than the ones you know you have to cry at you will know why.



2 Responses to “Random Fangirl Moment #4”

  1. I agree with you totally, but you did make me LOL with, “Jamie whats-his-face from Sweeney Todd ”


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