3/25: I’m Back!! (from outer space *sings the rest of I Will Survive*)

Hello Lovely, Patient People of the Interwebs!

I’m sorry that it has taken me forever to post on here. I have just been overwhelmed by things in real life and I have succumbed to the Twitter virus that has been circulating. My case has just gotten worse. Then I was on vacation for Spring Break so that is why I come to you a month later to play catch up. So this post is coming at you in multiple parts and some may have links and others may not so be on the look out!

Okay Part One:

So I saw Watchmen twice the day it came out and thought it was amazing! I have yet to write a review for it, but I maybe not concidering it’s been out for awhile and I think everyone has formed their opinion about it already. But for those who haven’t seen it yet and are fans of the graphic novel or underdog superheroes that aren’t like the ones you grew up with, unless you grew up with this one like me, then go see it. Only the end and the duration of some scenes will kinda disappoint, but I think it’s such a good adaptation that it really doesn’t matter.

Part Two:

TWILIGHT NEWS!!! Okay so little Dakota Fanning is offically part of the cast and they welcomed her with open arms. *gags* I’m not thrilled with it what so ever, but hey maybe she won’t screw it up. If she does you know who will be the first to complain and say I told you so. *points at self*

The wolf pack is finally assembled and I’m kinda happy about that. Not a fan of the wolves and Solomon not being there, but I’m glad that they got them all figured out and stuff. You can view the whole cast list at http://twilighttildawn.blogspot.com. Oh and that link I just gave you is an awesome site to check up on everything Rob and Twilight. You can follow its webmistress at http://twitter.com/twilighttildawn. She’s real fun to talk to and she updates as much as she can.

And the best piece of Twilight news is that the DVD came out last Saturday!!! I wasn’t fortunate to get mine at midnight for I was out of town, but I got it on Sunday and it’s really amazing. The bonus features on it are really something. They truely don’t disappoint, but make me even more sad that Catherine isn’t the director anymore. I only have the regular two disc one and I’m going to Target to get the three disc one this weekend for more features.

Part Three:

ROBERT NEWS!!! So there really isn’t that much going on in the Rob universe, but there are New Moon set rumors that his personal hygenie isn’t up to par. Well I have to say the man has openly admitted that he doesn’t take showers. What were they expecting?! This rumor only comes after his close brush with a knock to the head that almost serious. According to SplashNews, a wire during a scene snapped and let loose a heavy metal sign and hit Rob upside the head. He’s okay according to the doctors. Let’s just hope that we don’t have another Natasha Richardson. Which brings me to…

EDIT: Rob is also on the cover of GQ this month, so go buy it!!!

Part Four:

Last week we lost Natasha Richardson to blood pooling in her head from a bump on the head while skiing the bunny slopes on a family vacation. They took her off life support. She will be greatly missed.

Part Five:

I haven’t been vlogging that much anymore due to the fact that the computer where I uploaded the videos doesn’t like me anymore and this computer that I am now working on doesn’t like to read the files so the vlogging has been postponed for the time being. That and I’m saving up for a proper camera instead of using my cell phone.

And Part Six:

The Where The Wild Things Are trailer came out today and it looks like it’s going to be soooooooo awesome!!! http://bit.ly/AoMRr It shows real potential of being a faithful adaptation, minus a few things, to the Maurice Sendack book that we all grew up with and loved. That comes out in October.

So I think my game of catch up this time has come to an end. I don’t think that I will leave you guys hanging so long next time.

Remember I’m on Twitter, http://twitter.com/misamille so look on there for more random fun from me and updates on all things in the random fandoms!

~Lydia! ^^

P.S: Oh I almost forgot! Go see I Love You, Man with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel!! I have yet to see it but I’m going to see it this weekend so expect a review of that soon!!


2 Responses to “3/25: I’m Back!! (from outer space *sings the rest of I Will Survive*)”

  1. Hey Girl,

    😀 I see me there LOL yay!! LOL

    Dakota comment I laugh so hard I imagine you pointing at yourself “told you so!!”

    I need to go see Watchmen!! I love the trailers and the song is AWESOME

    Let me know if you liked I love You, Man it looks funny 😀

    Cool, thank to ya at twitter 😀


  2. Dude, you make me lol so hard sometimes!
    I’ll be right there with you on the “Dakota Problem” I have a terrible, terrible feeling in my stomach that she’s gonna screw it up.

    Anywho 🙂

    Nice to see you back!!

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