2/27: New Banner and a Jonas Brother filled day! ^^

Hello Loverly People of the Interwebs!

I think this is gonna be my final layout for this page. Do you like? My loverliest friend on Twitter misstiggy86 a.k.a. Jen did my wonderful banner! Isn’t it pretty? I very fond of it! So I haven’t finished the link list yet, but it will soon be completed for your convinince.

On to the fangirling!

Today is the first day of the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience movie! As a true Jonas Brother fangirl that I am, I have my ticket in hand and very very impatiently waiting for the time to come where I can wait at the theatre for the movie. Because my city sucks and actually thinks of the little kids in this town and school days, there wasn’t any midnight showing, but we’ve got the next best thing the first showing of the night! ^^

I’m already geared up and ready to go. I wish my camera was working so I could show you pictures! So until the time comes for me to say adieu


One Response to “2/27: New Banner and a Jonas Brother filled day! ^^”

  1. Aww, thank you for the mention hun, and you’re page looks awesome 😀

    Have fun with the Jonas Bros 😉


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