The Much Awaited Oscar Wrap-Up Post!!!

Hello Lovelys of the Interweb!

Let me first say please pardon my lack of a pretty layout right now. I’m in the middle of beautifing it for you. So let’s get down to the awesomeness and biggest night of the year for movie fangirls around, the Oscars.

So as a devoted watcher of this particular award show, I was excited like always, but what made this one so special this year was that the beyond lovely Robert Pattionson made an apperence to the award ceremony to present a wonderful montage on Romance in 2008.

The host this year was the lovely Hugh Jackman and if anyone has watched the year where he hosted the Tony’s you knew what you were in for, and boy did he deliver in true Hugh style. The production team of this year’s Oscar’s had not one, but TWO musical mumbers lined up for the wonderful Hugh to do and to everyone’s delight were really enjoyable. It was the second one the that all High School Musical haters had a problem with, because Zac Effron and Vanessa Hudgens dared to show their faces at the award show. I personally thought the number was good but I feared for Beyonce when she sang a line of At Last, because I thought Etta James was gonna come from no where and kick her ass this time for butuchering her song. By the way the the number was to pay homage to the movie musical, so that’s why Zac and Vanessa were there, along with Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper were there also, you know the hot couple in Mamma Mia, or for you non-musical lovers, the chick from Mean Girls and one of the sexy guys from the play The History Boys, which won a Tony btw…

So anyways, as all Oscar shows go the people who the critics chose all won and OMG! Slumdog Millionaire, the little Bollywood film that could won everything it was nominated for! Winning 10 Oscars all together! I was so happy for them too. That movie is amazing if you haven’t seen it already.

Now the two best parts of the whole show were 1) for us Rob fans, they sat him right behind Mickey Rourke, who didn’t win, Sean Penn did for Milk, and you could see Rob the whole entire time they were recognizing Mickey, and 2) the Judd Apatow directed short that featured Pineapple Express duo, James Franco and Seth Rogan. Both of those can be seen in the videos placed below:

Sorry this is the best quality I could find on Rob behind Mickey.

Oh and this is the one of Rob presenting! ^^

So despite the technical diffculties, which there were…did anyone else hear the crew yelling to get the curtain open towards the beginning of the show?, and the few disappointments the Oscars were a pretty swell ordeal this year. Can’t wait for next year’s show.


P.S: Did anyone else love the way the did the major acting awards? or the stage? or the whole thing itself? Leave a comment below. ^^


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